NW Collaborative
Futures Conference

Deconstructing Artificial Borders

OCT 20-22, 2021 - online 

Deconstructing Moral Borders

As political lines are being drawn in new areas such as our health, families, workplaces and societies are becoming more divided. People are becoming more divided through echo-chambers, ‘cancel’ling, and protests. These moral borders result in less communication, less solution-building, and thereby less progress. This talk aims to give the audience tips on how to find common moral ground to ensure conversation stays open and respectful, even when emotions are high.

Speaker: Lauren Florko, Ph.D.

Lauren Florko has a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology specializing in workplace stress. She created Triple Threat Consulting to help organizations understand and engage their current and prospective employees and to create an environment where employees, organizations, and communities thrive. She is currently the Vice President of CoRe Conflict Resolution Society 



Wednesday Opening Night Presentation
Oct 20, 2021
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm (PDT) via webinar

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Thursday and Friday
Oct 21 and 22, 2021
Day 1: 9am – 8pm (PDT) via webinar
Day 2: 9am – 4pm (PDT) via webinar